Going Back to College at the 2014 Nantucket Conference

I had fun in college. I also had fun last weekend at the Nantucket Conference.

The similarities between the two don’t end there. Like college, the Nantucket Conference is full of extremely intelligent professors who teach extraordinary things at a pace that makes your brain hurt. At this year’s event, the professors included: Brent Grinna, Scott Savitz, David Cancel, Cory von Wallenstein, Piet Morgan, Chad Dickerson, Eric Hellweg, David Aronoff, David Chang, David S. Rose, David Tisch, Spencer Ante, Neil Blumenthal, Larry Bohn, John West, Gail Goodman, Jon Oringer, David Skok, David Rose, Hayley Barna, Prat Vemana, Rudina Seseri, Mike Baker, Dulcie Madden, Slava Rubin, Scott Kirsner, Eric Paley, Janet Holian.

Also attending this year were a lot of very smart, super motivated, type A, overachieving students including Lee Hower, David Chang, Aaron Lapat, Lucy McQuilken, Katie Rae, C.A. Webb, Brad Svrluga, Sam Bastia, John Landry, Joe Caruso, Karl Buttner, Simeon Simeonov, and many, many more awesome people.

Finally, similar to college, the Nantucket Conference is a lot of fun. My friend and co-investor, Scott Savitz, is the chief of fun and truly believes it is a necessary part of any worthwhile business effort. He consistently uses the word during board meetings and he means it. We had an awesome time at the Nantucket Conference and at a few house parties including one at Scott’s and also the rocking SVB party hosted by Pamela Aldsworth.

Of course, all college / conference experiences must include late night Jameson shots, thank you Brad Harrison, while enjoying the incredibly talented Laura Fitton belt out the karaoke like a pro (she really can sing!)

Can’t wait to go back to college again next year!

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