Neurable Nets $2M to Build Brain-Controlled Software for AR & VR

As consumers get their first taste of voice-controlled home robots and motion-based virtual realities, a quiet swath of technologists are thinking big picture about what comes after that. The answer has major implications for the way we’ll interact with our devices in the near future.

That answer is something the team of Boston-based startup Neurable spends a lot of time, yes, thinking about. The recent Ann Arbor-to-Cambridge transplant has announced $2 million in a seed round led by PJC, Brian Shin of BOSS SyndicateLoup Ventures and NXT Ventures. Previously, the company took home more than $400,000 after bagging the second-place prize at the Rice Business Plan Competition.

Neurable, founded by former University of Michigan student researchers Ramses Alcaide, Michael Thompson, James Hamet and Adam Molnar, is committed to making nuanced brain-controlled software science fact rather than science fiction, and really the field as a whole isn’t that far off.

“Our vision is to make this the standard human interaction platform for any hardware or software device,” Alcaide told TechCrunch in an interview. “So people can walk into their homes or their offices and take control of their devices using a combination of their augmented reality systems and their brain activity.”

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