Never Give In to the Doubters – Find the Believers

Building a startup is hard. Nearly every stakeholder in the startup ecosystem would agree with this from founders and employees to board members and investors. But building a startup is not the only hard thing in life. School is hard, relationships are hard, athletics are hard, parenting is hard, and professional careers outside of entrepreneurship are hard, too. The doubters in this world only make all of it harder.

Winston Churchill famously said “Never give in.” Many others have echoed this wisdom in their own way with their own words. Coachup has come out with a new video that showcases their partner, Steph Curry, reading a draft report on himself that is full of doubt. Instead of listening to that doubt, he focused on succeeding “no matter what people said, I always blocked them out and kept training. That dedication and commitment to the game I love, the long hours spent honing my skills one-on-one with my coaches, is what ultimately drove my success.” – Steph Curry.

In all facets of life there will be doubters, to succeed you need to find the believers, the coaches, the mentors, the partners, the spouse, the friends, the teammates, and the employees who believe in you, what you love and your vision to help you go from 0 to 100.

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