The Power of Coaching and Mentorship

As I happily consume the Patriots post Super Bowl media bonanza, I am struck by the depth of Julian Edelman that goes beyond his amazing athletic talent. What is even more impressive to me is his mental toughness and incredible intensity and focus which has enabled him to overcome a lot of perceived hurdles. He attributes a lot of this tenacity and never say die attitude to his dad who he describes as his life long coach and mentor. That is a critical role for a father to play and it is even more critical for kids to have a coach and a mentor that is not just focused on athletic achievement but also on life achievement.

Many of us have coaches and teachers in our past that we remember as being pivotal influencers in our lives. Some of these people are our parents, some of them are sports coaches, and some are teachers. For me, I have had the good fortune to have had great parents, great coaches and great teachers. As a result, I have spent a lot of time trying to “pay it forward” as a coach with my kids and the other kids on their teams.

One of the big reasons we invested in Coachup was because we believe that this power of coaching and mentorship is a critical human relationship. Creating a platform to enable people access to athletic coaches who can enable them to grow as athletes and human beings is a big and innovative opportunity.

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