WeCounsel Expands Offering To Serve All Healthcare Specialties


VisuWell - TelemedicineExpanding the scope from a core focus in behavioral health, WeCounsel, a prominent telemedicine technology company, is broadening its industry presence to accommodate multi-specialty healthcare providers under a new brand, VisuWell.

VisuWell now provides a virtual care platform for health organizations with any specialty mix. The platform enables any provider group or hospital to add virtual patient encounters to their care delivery model. Additionally, VisuWell represents new advancements in the optimization of provider networks of all sizes to bring on-demand capabilities to the areas of specialty referral, emergency department consults, remote patient monitoring and many other important areas of quality healthcare delivery while reducing cost and improving efficiency.

Patient consumerism studies indicate that there is an increasing demand for seeing providers online. This reality threatens health organizations that provide only traditional in-person care delivery without accommodating easy online access options. Patients are increasingly utilizing direct-to-consumer telehealth offerings; however, they would prefer to receive virtual care from their own trusted provider.

“New reimbursement models and care quality initiatives are driving the need for more frequent patient interaction. Telehealth represents an opportunity for provider groups to better meet the needs of today’s patient while using existing resources more efficiently,” said VisuWell CEO, Sam Johnson. “As we see telemedicine volume increasing by almost 100 percent per year, our turnkey platform will allow provider groups to meet rising demand and enable modern care delivery under their own brand.”

MedOptions, a virtual care provider that serves the long-term care community, currently uses the VisuWell platform to deliver care across 22 states in more than 100 facilities.

“Our care contracts require that we are present in many geographical locations, some rural in nature, and that we provide the same level of care that could be delivered on site. After all is said and done, VisuWell has allowed us to quickly become the nation’s largest remote care delivery provider for skilled nursing and assisted living centers.” said Ed Mercadante, board chairman for MedOptions.

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