What It Takes to be an MVP

For all you basketball fans out there you already know that Steph Curry was named the MVP of the NBA. What you may not know is what an exemplary person he is and the incredible journey he has been on to become the MVP. I didn’t know a lot about Steph until CoachUp partnered with him to bring a lot of the ingredients of his success, both on and off the court, to young athletes across the country. It is worth watching Steph’s acceptance speech. He attributes his success to the following factors:

1. Family
2. Faith
3. Passion
4. Drive
5. Will

I think this is relevant and worth paying attention to no matter what your pursuit is in life. He is inspirational and succeeding in the right way, a way that we all can believe in and emulate whether we are trying to become a successful athlete, entrepreneur, business person or otherwise. In fact, his message really does provide a path to be a successful human being, which is what we all want.

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