Would you like a receipt with that?

How many times a day do you hear that while you are shopping at the grocery store, the mall, the restaurant, the gas station, etc.? How sick are you of all the paper receipts folded up and stuffed into your wallet, purse, pocket, etc.?

About 18 months ago I met a high energy, charismatic and aggressive entrepreneur named Tomas Diaz. He told me a story about how most major retailers don’t offer digital receipts to their customers and that the ones that do offer a simple, non-interactive PDF of the paper receipt which doesn’t allow the retailer any post purchase marketing capabilities. He told me a story about how the new point of sale companies like Square understood how this was a big opportunity to connect with consumers in the physical purchasing world and maintain and enhance a retailer’s relationship with the consumer in an omni-channel way. He said that he was going to empower all retailers who use other POS systems to have an interactive, digital marketing enabled receipt capability to enhance consumer engagement and ultimately generate SKU level data about consumer purchasing in the real world. This data would provide large consumer brands unprecedented information about how their products are purchased in the physical retail world.

I said, “That makes a lot of sense but big retailers are really hard to sell to and they don’t adopt technology fast and you don’t have a lot of big retailers that have bought your solution.” He agreed but told me that was all going to change.

Well, he was right.

We just closed a Seed investment with Tomas and flexReceipts because since the first time we talked, he has closed numerous multi-billion dollar retailers across the US and Canada and his solution generates hundreds of thousands of receipts per day. He also just completed the Y Combinator Winter 2016 class and brought into this Seed round one of the largest providers of private label credit card and financing solutions to retailers.

In the next few years, when you say, “Yes, I would like a receipt with that,” you should expect to get a digital receipt from flexReceipts.

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